Still under construction, but most parts are ready!!!!!!!

Welcome to “Wikingerzeit”

On the following pages we would like to introduce ourselves.

Who we are, what we are doing, manufacturing and sellingl.

There is something, that people do, to keep the culture and the life from different epochs

and ages alive, which is called reenactment.

We have decided to pick the viking-periode. Pretty soon, even newcomers who just visit us

or join us for a little while,  do realize, that: reenactment is not just a hobby, but more or less

a way of life for us reenactors. Many of us even turn back to the old religion, believing in the

old norse gods. Beeing a viking-reenactor brings you sometimes to completely new, or better

old ethical values.

Many of us work on and with the different techniques of craftsmanship or do practical

archaeology and work pretty close with museums. All we can say here is that you never stop

learning something new... there is so much that can be discovered or better re-discovered.

Another major aspect is the showfight, which is practised and shown on the different shows

and markets. Our kind of showfight is different from the classical scripted fights that we all

know from Hollywood movies, our showfights are based on strict rules and target zones and

a lot of training. It is more or less a semi- or fullcontact martial.arts-sport.

Well, but the fights are not all that we are displaying on the shows. We do as well try our best to

display familylife and the normal day that could have happened 1000 years ago. Sadly, there is

still so much, that is not recorded in the history, that we have improvise and to do our own

interpretations of how things could have happened.

But now enough of the introduction:

have much fun browsing our site!!