About us

Here, we want to talk about us:

Who is we.....first of all, we are Tatjana, Gunnar and Venja.

We got married in 2000 and together, we are going to shows and markets which have the issue of the early medeaval period of northern europe, or better to say the vikingage. Since April 2005 our daughter Venja is always with us.

We have picked in detail the 8th.-9th. century.

Even in our private life, we have turned away from the christian religion and turned back to the old norse religion, which means, that we have become Asatru.

Furtheron we have joined an international operating viking-group and we are mainly doing shows all over europe and not so many over here in Germany.

The group, that we are belonging to is called Valhalla Ulfhednar. Valhalla was foundend in England and our Jarl (leader) is Gunnar alias Ian Judd.

You can find further information about the group Valhalla Ulfhednar on a special group page, where you can find more and more detailed information.

A nescessary part for us is, that we may educate others with our “work”. sometimes it is really sad to see that many people do not know much about the history and how bizarre the picture of the “Hollywood-Viking” is in peoples heads.

Especially for the Kids, it is very exciting to learn something about the proud warriors, the weapons, the different crafts and the life of the viking-age. Many people cannot even imagine, that it is possible to cook your meals over an open fire, or that you can dye your clothes in the traditional way. And Yes, it is really possible to live without electricity for a weekend or longer and yes, sleeping on furs is very comfy...

By the way guessing the fur is a nice game for the kids, because seeing the fur and knowing from which animal it is coming, is sometimes not easy, even for the adults.

No matter if you are a child or an adult, it is fun for all to see a complete viking tent or to feel if our bed is really comfy or how it feels to live in such a viking tent.

But now, more detaisl about us: